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Business Builder Tool Guide – Develop Your Story

2018-02-21T16:23:42+00:00February 21st, 2018|Business Building, Featured Home|

Who better to guide us through our Sales Tools than some of our top Business Builders. In a series of articles, these leaders will tell us how they use our tools, how the tools have helped them grow their business’ and why they recommend that their teams use them.

Mark Colbourne MBE gave us his opinion on why the tool and PDF, ‘Develop Your Story’ is such a great asset to use. This is what he had to say:

This tool is an integral part of growing your business. Every customer you sign up who puts the Isagenix products into their body will have an experience they’ll never forget. The most important thing to understand when you develop your 30 second story is that it must have a beginning, middle, and a call to action at the end. Using the five steps in your story helps to explain, in brief about your life before Isagenix.

The power of word-of-mouth advertising is such a powerful way to share information about what is working for you. This short but detailed explanation of your Isagenix experience is a great way to share. By teaching your team to do the same, your business has the possibility to grow exponentially.

This tool is very important to me and my team, because I am looking to grow my business globally. There is a saying in Network Marketing: “Facts Tell but Stories Sell.” This essential part of our sharing process allows customers and associates who are in love with what we have, to share their experience honestly with people that they meet. When somebody masters how to share their story, and teaches their team to do the same their business it may grow very quickly.

As someone who has experienced a dramatic change in life, I now fully understand and appreciate the benefits of sharing my story with other people. I have acquired the skills to share my story with ease, comfort and control. I use this tool regularly to share the story of why I have partnered with our company, and also to explain why I look so healthy.

I use my weekly training Zoom calls to teach my team the possible answers that they will encounter after they have shared their story with their prospects. We all use the proven five steps when we share our 30 second stories.

Former professional cyclist Mark Colbourne MBE fell in love with network marketing in August 2010 while he had a senior management position in his company. He realized that he could use his business experience to help solve people’s financial and lifestyle challenges. Mark now prides himself as being part of the UK Founders Club and a 1-Star Golden Circle, Executive. His mission is to impact world health and grow a business in every country that Isagenix has travelled to.