You’ve been working hard at succeeding with the IsaRally Iceland, using social media to help build your business, holding launch parties, enrolling new Members in the IsaBody Challenge®, and basically earning points left and right! With a little over two weeks left to participate in the IsaRally, it’s time to really step up your game.

You’re in the home stretch! Now is the time to connect with your team and earn those last minute points! Take advantage of Isagenix tools, and use simple strategies to earn a spot for you and a friend in Iceland.

To keep you and your team on track, make sure you are reinforcing your goals, using the buddy system for accountability, and steadily building toward a new goal every day. And, it never hurts to encourage new Members to join IsaBody, an excellent tool to help grow your business while helping others.

To check your status, here’s the most recent leaderboard. Find out if you’re at the top this week!

*Winners are responsible for properly reporting the value of non-monetary prizes, such as trips and gifts. Please consult with your tax professional to ensure income is properly recorded. Winners are  responsible for additional expenses incurred during the trip that are not expressly stated in the prize package. Please review the IsaRally Iceland flyer for more details.